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  • Can my team play Panic Mode remotely?
    Yes! Although Panic Mode is a cooperative card game that plays well in person, there are several ways to capture the benefits remotely: 1. Have one person act as the reader. Remove the time limit and read through 88 cards to approximate the 25 minute time limit. 2. Another option is to assign the person with the game to move the tracking cards, add one minute per card for reading, and they can hold the card up to the camera so players can take turns reading. 3. Simply choose random cards and discuss them. Nearly every card has a lesson in IT Disaster Recover and a pop culture reference. Can you find both of them? 4. Send the 20 role-specific cards to their roles on your team. Have them write their own cards or take turns reading from these cards. 5. Have everyone on your team open the free PDF from the site and use a random number generator to determine what cards to read. Have a column of random numbers 4 through 31 to identify the page, and a column 1 through 9 to identify the card on the page.
  • Is Panic Mode! suitable for work?
    Yes! Although Panic Mode! utilizes humor in the cards, all cards are suitable for work. If players experience any discomfort during game play, we highly suggest discussing this after play. The game rules include suggested conversation starters.
  • What can I expect my team to learn from playing Panic Mode?
    The primary benefit of Panic Mode! is to host a light-hearted team-building event that leads directly into meaningful discussion, realizations, and change. Panic Mode! will not provide a thorough lesson in IT Disaster Recovery, but it can teach teams the fundamentals of what they need to think about, identify some common pitfalls, and help to explore how different roles work together. And it's so fun!
  • How many duplicate cards are in Panic Mode?
    None. Panic Mode includes 250 unique cards.
  • I'm not sure if I can receive the game in my location. Can you help?
    I'm not sure, but I will certainly try! Please reach out to me at or using the contact form here and we'll see if we can sort it.
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