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There's plenty to learn from Panic Mode playing remotely! Check out our FAQ for tips on making the most out of remote play.

FIRST set the tracking cards to zero to indicate that everything is broken. Your systems are down. Your morale is in the dumps. Your customers are not pleased. You are in Panic Mode!






THEN each player takes a seat and randomly chooses a role card. Assign players to be in charge of moving the tracking cards.    


AND each player receives two cards. Sometimes cards will be stolen or discarded from your hand, so you draw up to 2 cards at the beginning and end of your turn, every turn. 


Set a timer for 25 minutes.    

On your turn, you must play one card if you are able. Play your best card. Play your funniest card. Play the card that makes a point to your colleagues.  

If you are able to get all of the tracking cards to their safe zones within the time limit, the team wins! 

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